You are one of my loves, and you know how I love you and how we became friends in a short time, it is as if you had been a gift sent by God, since he always makes sure to send us wonderful people, even if the times have to remove some of our life, but if he takes certain people, he prepares us new people, and he has blessed for sending you for me not only brighten my dash, but my twitter too. You are my Reus and I’m your Giroud/Marchisio/Immobile and all possible players. lol hahaha <3


Your blog and your edits, I’m in love with the two things, beyond your sidebar and your url be beautiful too, plus some of their tags are a bit funny, hahaha are one of my faves on my dashboard


I know you and I don’t talk often, but I really like you and your blog, I like your presence in my dash and I like some of their tags. You’re really cool, and I don’t know, you and I could talk us more, if you want, of course. n


Well, you and I talked to a few times - especially on twitter, until why also follow you there - but I think you’re really cute (and even funny at times) and I like see you on their dash with you tags. And I have to say: I love your icon aldjkksjskhfjsdfg the icon and the boy on your icon. ;-;


Your icon and your url, but especially your icon, I love that kind of icon, and your edits are beautiful, especially the Real Madrid edits of course. Your blog is beautiful and I like it. <3


Omfg, your icon is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, besides your tumblr is also wonderful, especially their issues, which I really like, and you edit very well. <3


I was watching porn earlier and we both had the same painting god bless


I was watching porn earlier and we both had the same painting god bless

omfg   i'm laughing so hard   

bae   Calum Chambers   

show the world where you’re from, show the world we are one